40 days of inspiration and motivation

Let’s face it: practicing can seem like a chore sometimes.

The 40 DAY CHALLENGE aims to inspire you and motivate you through:

  • helping you commit to a certain amount of daily practice.
  • encouraging you to use a variety of practice methods.
  • challenging you to perform and record.
  • broadening your musical knowledge, understanding and perspective.

Sign up today and you will receive a short challenge video 6 days a week (that’s right – Sundays will be your day of rest) from 26th February until 11th April.



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 The 40 DAY CHALLENGE can be as challenging as you want to make it.

As you’ll find out, you will decide how much daily practice you will commit to.

You will choose the music you are going to work on.

You will have the opportunity to perform to an audience as small as your best friend, spouse, or a large audience if you prefer.

You can also join the Webster’s Guitar Academy 40 Day Challenge Facebook Hub to share new musical discoveries you’ve made; recordings you’ve created; or simply connect with other people participating in the Challenge.

“There are so many reasons why I’m putting this 40 Day Challenge out there. After decades of teaching, I’ve seen people struggle with practice for so many reasons: lack of motivation; difficulty figuring out what direction to pursue next; a limited knowledge of ways of practicing; and saddest of all: losing their passion for guitar.”

“I’m looking forward to giving players a lift while at the same time, making it easier for them to put in good effort and enjoy the benefits!”