“I want to fill the world with guitarists that know how to accompany exceptionally and intuitively. More than that, I want them to love what they are doing because they are so good!”


Webster’s guitar academy’s courses ARE created to allow you to access

top level tuition no matter where you are.

Webster’s Guitar Academy’s Online Courses empower guitarists to become Celtic players of outstanding skill, knowledge, understanding and intuition.

Over the past 15 years, Andy Webster has helped countless guitar players fall in love with Celtic style accompaniment and enabled students to reach goals higher than they could ever have imagined. Andy’s methods are both clear and strategic and will improve the playing of any guitarist.


Simple and Strategic


Focus on particular concepts such as a system of chords or a particular rhythmic pattern and oftentimes, combine them together.


Take the concepts you’re working on and master them by applying them to real Celtic melodies.


Gradually build on what you have learned and again, by using real tunes, combine the concepts you have learned so that your playing is always becoming more creative and confident. 



Graduate to the next level when you are ready. There is no pressure to move to a more difficult level at any time – go at your own pace! Once you know you have mastered all that one level has to offer, then you can decide to make the move.



Discovering the excitement and joy of accompanying everyone and anyone, from a fiddler to your favourite recording – to even singing by yourself – constitutes a HUGE part of the foundation of Webster’s Guitar Academy.

Another major component is infusing your experience with an understanding of the technique involved as well as the theory, history and social aspects behind the material i,e., you won’t just be shown how to play something.


We never want you to struggle as you learn, so that means striving to make your practice time as manageable and as enjoyable for you as possible.

To make your weekly online class as fruitful as can be, you will be supplied with sheet music containing super-clear direction and you will also gain access to play-along tracks of the pieces studied in class for you to practice with.


Each participant will have email support from Andy and will also receive lifetime access to a private Facebook hub for their level. You’ll find videos of essential parts of your lessons posted here, such as exercises or particular strumming patterns.

The official hubs will also allow you to connect with and get direct feedback from Andy as well connect with the collective mind of current and past students too.


You are drawn to Celtic Music. It might be that you heard a piece of music you love and want to know how to play it, or that you have roots in a country like Ireland or Scotland. Maybe  you have listened to Celtic music all your life and its finally time to learn how to play it.

You are stuck at your current level. We all know what it’s like to be in a rut. Maybe you’ve scoured the internet and bought all the books and gleaned as much as you can from various sources already. Or maybe you’re realizing how difficult it is to continually find material that suits your current level. Taking online courses saves you endless hours of sourcing material; keeps your progress constant and gives you in person access to a world class coach.

You already play well but you don’t fully understand what you’re doing. Maybe you have heard others say things like, “this tune is modal” or you may be wondering how chord substitution works. All online lessons, no matter what level, aim to make sure that you understand and enjoy the theory behind Celtic music.

Knowing what you are doing is a huge and often overlooked aspect of being a great guitar player who loves to play. 


An acclaimed teacher and musician, Andy Webster (BA Applied Music Hon.) began playing guitar at the age of 9 and spent more than a decade becoming accomplished in a huge array of different musical styles before finding an intense passion for the Celtic music scene.

“Since my twenties, of all the scenes I have been involved in, Celtic is the only one I have witnessed that can pull musicians together no matter what country you are in – its is a Global language in and of itself.  Even better, most people who play it do so without pretension and purely for the love of it. I want to empower guitar players across the World to embrace and enhance Celtic music everywhere, no matter where they happen to be.”

Before moving to Canada in 2005, Andy spent many intense years playing with artists such as Dougie MacLean MBE, Phamie Gow and other leading instrumentalists of the Scottish folk scene, such as Duncan Lyall, Martin O’Neill and Ali Hutton. Due to the enormous number of hours spent writing, arranging and playing with his fellow musicians, Andy developed a vast knowledge of Celtic accompaniment and found himself in demand to teach at many renowned colleges and festivals across the globe, such as Seal Mor Ostaig, Isle of Skye and the Goderich Celtic College, Ontario 

More recently, Andy has taught regularly at the Leahy Music Camp, Ontario, the Re-Jigged Festival, Nova Scotia. and as a private instructor, has taught nieces and nephews of the Leahy family online among others.

A passionate and expert instructor, Andy’s constructive approach, vast knowledge, and joyful personality inspire and motivate. His online lessons transform his students’ perception of what they are capable of, opening their eyes through studying the masters, learning hands-on and making practice manageable. With his emphasis on community and creativity, taking lessons with Andy is unlike any other available program.

In addition to building up and sustaining Celtic music all over the World, Andy finds time to homeschool his kids with his wife at their home in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

If you are an absolute beginner, take a look at the LEARN NOW page and see how you can easily get started.