Challenge yourself enough to simply relax and enjoy playing wherever you find yourself.


The CAIRNGORM NATIONAL PARK is a big, natural playground for those that love being amidst stunning, unspoilt, natural beauty. There are mountains, ridges, lochs, countless trails and even a freshwater beach to experience.


For me, the Cairngorms will always be about the mountains. Getting to the top of them and being able to see clearly what lies around you for miles is what inspired me to name this particular course, Cairngorm. At this stage, the goal is to take you to the higher levels of Celtic guitar playing, where you can then find yourself capable of playing excellently in most situations, whether that be with a band, in a session, or even along with your favourite recording.


 In CAIRNGORM you will:

    • Learn how to play in the key of A major and the modes derived from it.
    • Focus strongly on combinations of rhythms and techniques
    • Play at professional tempos
    • Become adept at employing chord substitution
    • Receive access to the Webster’s Guitar Academy Official Rannoch Hub.
    • Finish your 6 week course knowing that, with practice, you will be able to hold your own in most situations and experience the exhilaration of doing so.



  • Use your computer, tablet or phone to connect.
  • Video conference with Andy for approx. 45 minutes each week.
  • Take time to ask questions or go over anything you don’t understand.
  • Enjoy the feel of a festival or summer camp workshop.
  • Make yourself comfortable wherever you are.
  • Take a week between lessons to practice.
  • Receive sheet music directly to your email.
  • Gain exclusive access to suitably paced recordings and videos to practice along with.

 The video conferencing platform you will be using is Google Meet.

Before the intro course begins, you will receive an email with links for both sessions. Simply get yourself settled in and then click on the link a little before each lesson starts.

All sheet music contain super-clear standard notation, DADGAD tablature, chord symbols and detailed rhythmic direction.

 Mondays 8pm Atlantic Time

May 25     June 1 • 8 • 15 • 22 • 29

“At the end of 6 weeks of Cairngorm, you might feel a little breathless. You will have met challenges that gave your muscles and your mind a great workout, but never more than you can handle. As always, how good you are comes down to practice and at this stage, you will be encouraged to practice with others, if you can, as much as possible.”

“Once you are at the stage where you are only sometimes hearing things happening in Celtic music that you don’t understand, then you are ready to step up to Nevis.”






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Access to the  Webster’s Guitar Academy Cairngorm Facebook Hub will give you the support of both Andy and everyone else who has ever participated in a the program!