Great Glen 

6 Week Course

Your first experience of Celtic guitar should be just like those first warm days of Spring: exciting, enchanting and full of promise!

At this level you will learn bigger and fuller DADGAD shapes of the chords of D Major – arguably the most commonly used key in Celtic music.

Discover the rhythm for that other most famous of tunes, the reel, and diver deeper with the jig strum. By the end of this course, you can expect to be playing accompaniment for a good number of tunes. 

BONUS: Everything you learn in this course can be used to accompany countless other tunes too, and … your new found skills can be easily applied to many other genres  such as rock, pop, bluegrass, Christian, country – you name it!


6 Week Course

Now that you can walk it’s time to get off the beaten track and explore!

Drink in the vast landscape of Celtic music as you discover it’s most alluring features, the must-see landmarks and a few lesser known treasures.

Learn DADGAD chords in the key of G major and expand into other tune styles such as polkas, hornpipes and slip jigs. Discover more diverse rhythms and develop your right and left hand technique until you become a good, solid Celtic accompanist!


6 Week Course

Reach that point where you can meet a challenge, find your way easily around obstacles; and most importantly: simply relax and enjoy playing wherever you find yourself.

Take a big step forward and crack the chords derived from the key of A: the third most common set of chords used in Celtic music. At this point, not only will you be speeding up your playing, but you will begin to understand and employ chord substitution in depth,  allowing you to immeditiatley spice up everything you already know. 

Cairngorm will take you to a much higher level and make you an extremely, capable player.


6 Week Course

The ULTIMATE experience. 

Feel what it’s like to reach the peak and become an intuitive player with breathtaking abilities.

Become able to play in ANY key in DADGAD while at the same time discover combinations of techniques and ornaments that will take your playing to a cut above the rest.

A major focus of this course is training your ear, an ability any accompanist needs to be a master and experience complete fulfilment.

“Andy is not only an amazing musician, he is also an incredibly gifted guitar teacher!  Andy’s sensitivity to the needs of the learner, his humour and professionalism make him an outstanding teacher who inspires!”

Paul Tratnyek – Former Superintendent Waterloo District Catholic School Board