Your first few steps on an incredible journey.

Now that you’re here, you can take simple steps to learning how to accompany Celtic music with the guitar and you can learn easily. Your first step on the journey is to enjoy a FREE 60 minute workshop lesson – yes, at absolutely no cost!

In this lesson, Andy will teach you a set of chords in the key of D major and then show you how to play a jig rhythm. He will then show you the best way to start putting them together.

Next you’ll get straight into playing your very first tune – a proper jig in D major!

Armed with the chords, rhythm and your beautiful new jig, you can take a week to practice before sending Andy an audio or video recording of your progress or posting it in the Online Session Facebook Hub for others to see too. Andy will have a good listen and get back to you with constructive feedback.


 5pm Atlantic &

8pm Atlantic

Wednesday 22nd April!

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  • Use your computer, tablet or phone to connect.
  • Video conference with Andy for approx. 60 minutes.
  • Take time to ask questions or go over anything you don’t understand.
  • Enjoy the feel of a festival or summer camp workshop.
  • Make yourself comfortable wherever you are.
  • Recieve sheet music directly by email address.
  • Gain exclusive access to suitably paced recordings to practice along with.

 The video conferencing platform you will be using is Google Meet. You may need to download an app to access it.

Before the intro course begins, you will receive an email with links for both sessions. Simply get yourself settled in and then click on the link a little before each lesson starts.

“If you have ever dreamt of playing guitar; accompanying a melody player or singer; or simply love Celtic music and want to find out more about it; I strongly encourage to take advantage of this offer.”

“This is a simple way to find out if you have a passion for the genre and there is zero obligation to continue afterwards.”

“I’d love to have you in class!”

Get a head start with the DADGAD starter kit



Inside the Starter Kit you will find: 

  • How to Tune to DADGAD
  • Chord Charts for the Keys of D, A, G and more…
  • Strumming Patterns for Jigs and Reels
  • The perfect way to prepare for your Intro to DADGAD sessions


Participation in the Free Intro Course also grants you a lifetime membership to the Webster’s Guitar Academy Online Session, a Facebook Hub where you can converse with and search the collective mind of all the other guitar players that have participated!