Drink in the vast landscape of Celtic music: it’s most alluring features, the must-see landmarks and it’s remote treasures.


RANNOCH MOOR is a place I have been to many times and is one of my favourite places in the world. The whole landscape changes when you get there. As you approach it from the south, you find yourself in a vast, wide, open space, untamed and, as far as I know, unchanged for aeons. My favourite thing about Rannoch though is that, rising out of it in the not too far distance, are some of my all-time favourite mountains – those of Glencoe.


Like walking the moor itself, Rannoch allows you take steps into much more adventurous territory. By this point, you should feel competent with the key of D major as well as both the jig and the reel. In addition to developing these further, you will delve into the key of G major and explore many other types of tunes as you start your hike through musical terrain that will really start to make your heart quicken.

 In RANNOCH you will:


  • Master the DADGAD chords of G Major
  • Learn how to play tunes such as hornpipes, polkas and slip jigs
  • Continue development of the jig and reel
  • Work on more diverse right hand rhythms
  • Start to employ left hand muting technique
  • Begin to apply and understand chord substitution
  • Up the tempo of your playing
  • Receive access to the Webster’s Guitar Academy Facebook Group Hub.
  • Finish your 6 week course ready for the next challenge – those mountains in the distance will start to become alluring!



  • Use your computer, tablet or phone to connect.
  • Video conference with Andy for approx. 45 minutes each week.
  • Take time to ask questions or go over anything you don’t understand.
  • Enjoy the feel of a festival or summer camp workshop.
  • Make yourself comfortable wherever you are.
  • Take a week between lessons to practice.
  • Receive sheet music directly to your email.
  • Gain exclusive access to suitably paced recordings and videos to practice along with.

 The video conferencing platform you will be using is Google Meet.

Before the intro course begins, you will receive an email with links for both sessions. Simply get yourself settled in and then click on the link a little before each lesson starts.

All sheet music contain super-clear standard notation, DADGAD tablature, chord symbols and detailed rhythmic direction.

Wednesdays 9pm Atlantic Time

May  20 • 27    June  3 • 10 • 17 24

“At the end of 6 weeks of Rannoch, you will know more fully what Celtic music has to offer you. You will love having become engaged in some it’s more challenging aspects and you will also be able to do just that with confidence (as long as you practice!).”

“There are treasures galore awaiting you in Rannoch that will pave the way for you to reach the peaks lying ahead in Cairngorm.”






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Access to the  Webster’s Guitar Academy Rannoch Facebook Hub will give you the support of both Andy and everyone else who has ever participated in the program!